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VETLINE - Simfa Labs Pvt. Ltd.
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  • Contact Person:Mr.Bhatia
  • Tel:91-0731-2440981
  • Fax:91-0731-2440983
  • Province/state:Madhya Pradesh
  • Street:1-B Vikas Rekha Complex, Khatiwala Tank

About US

Welcome To Our Site!

We feel privilege and pleasure to introduce to you VETLINE, a young and innovative Animal Health Company from India, with a vision to become a strong player in the Global Veterinary Industry.

Who We Are
VETLINE, a Division of Simfa Labs Pvt. Ltd. : We are a family owned, professionally managed business organization headquartered in Indore, MP, INDIA. We are a part of the renowned Simran Group of Indore, one of the leading Poultry Group in India.

What We Do
VETLINE, a Division of Simfa Labs Pvt. Ltd. is an accredited provider of innovative and high quality animal health care products and feed supplements.
+ At VETLINE we understand the requirements of animal production and feed industries, we identify new opportunities, create sustainable solutions, deliver benefits and continuously try to improve the economics of livestock farming.
+ We are open to new innovations, new products, new locations and new people, who can strengthen our understanding about the needs of the industry and can help us to deliver practical solutions.

+ Giving substantial contribution to animal health industry in providing quality product affordable rates
+ Emerging as the preferred strategic nutritional solutions provider to the global livestock industry

Foreign Collabration
We have signed an agreement with Novus International, USA for import, marketing and supply of selected products in some regions of India. Novus International is a renowned developer of animal health and nutrition programs for the poultry, pork, beef, dairy, aquaculture, and companion animal industries.
We are also seeking to collabrate with leading overseas companies in the form of distribution, joint ventures and partnerships agreements, who are interested to start their business in India.

Product Portfolio
We are one of the renowned processors, importers and suppliers of Animal Feed Additives. Our diverse feed products are made of multiple basic ingredients like vitamins, amino acids, fatty oils, mineral salts, anti-toxins and others.

Our complete product range includes the following:

+Nutritional Suppliments :Calsol
+Nutritional Suppliments :Neosel E
+Nutritional Suppliments :Simplex Liq
+Nutritional Suppliments :V Gromin
+Nutritional Suppliments :Simvite AD3EC
+Nutritional Suppliments :Solvi K
+Water Sanitizer :SUPEROX
+Antibiotics :Treat L
+Antibiotics :ND Vet
+Antibiotics :Coligro 100
+Antibiotics :Enrpfloxacin 10%
+Antibiotics :Gentox 40
+Antibiotics :Tylasol
+Acidifier :Supracid Liquid (Organic Acids)
+Liver Tonics :Livton Herbal (Liquid)
+Liver Tonics :Livton Herbal (Powder)
+Liver Tonics :Livton S (Liquid)
+Enzymes :Hizyme (Cocktail Enzyme)
+Enzymes :Hizyme P 5000 (Phytase)
+Electrolytes :Rehydral
+Electrolytes :Rehydral Plus
+Toxin Binders :ATB
+Toxin Binders :ATB Bio PLus
+Antioxidant :Oxy Lock
+In-Organic Trace Minerals :BBTM (For Broiler Breeders)
+In-Organic Trace Minerals :BCTM (For Broiler Commercial)
+In-Organic Trace Minerals :LCTM (For Layers Commercial)
+In-Organic Trace Minerals :LTM (For Layers Commercial)
+Growth Promoters :ProGroVet
+Growth Promoters :FuraVet
+Growth Promoters :ND Vet FS
+Feed Oil/Fat :SuperFat
+Vitamin Premixes :Simvite Premix (Broilers and Layers)
+Vitamin Premixes :Simvite L (Layers)
+Vitamin Premixes :Simvite AB2D3K
+Vitamin Premixes :Simplex DS
+Organic Trace Minerals :Vetmin B (Broilers)
+Organic Trace Minerals :Vetmin L (Layers)
+Organic Trace Minerals :Vetmin BB (Broiler Breeders)
+Anticoccidials :Amprocox
+Trading :L Lysine
+Trading :L Theonine
+Trading :MHA 84% (Novus)
+Trading :Alimet : Liquid Methionine 88% (Novus)
+Trading :Gen-Chol : Choline Chloride 60%
+Trading :DL Methionine

Why Us?
We have been able to retain our leading position in the market due to undermentioned factors:
+High quality
+Good infrastructure
+Specialize in poultry
+Direct/bulk imports

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